IPN Messages History

The IPN History page on OKPAY provides additional information to help you troubleshoot IPN messaging. You can use it to determine the status of IPN messages and resend them if necessary.

Accessing IPN History

To access the IPN History of your account, follow these steps:

  • Log in and click on Profile under My Account.
  • Click the Test Tools link under Merchant preferences.
  • On the Test Tools page click on the IPN History link.

Using IPN History

Use the IPN History page on OKPAY to view your IPN messages from OKPAY and request messages to be re-sent. You can locate IPN messages for a specific wallet by their date range, delivery status, and related OKPAY transaction.

Figure 1. IPN History page.

IPN Search

The search results contain the following information:

  • The date and time that OKPAY created the IPN message.
  • The IPN message ID assigned by OKPAY.
  • The current status which is one of the following values:
    • 'Sent' indicates that OKPAY sent the message to your IPN listener.
    • 'Failed' indicates that OKPAY did not receive an acknowledgment of the message.
    • 'Queued' indicates that OKPAY is ready to send the message.
    • 'Retrying' indicates that the message has been re-sent between 1 and 15 times and OKPAY will continue to try resending the message (see IPN retry intervals schedule).
  • Your server's response to the HTTP POST that delivered the IPN message to your listener. For more information about these codes, see RFC 2616: Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1.
  • If the message was in connection with an OKPAY transaction, you will see the ID of the OKPAY transaction associated with the message.

To see more information about an IPN message, click on the message ID. An IPN details page will appear:

Figure 2. IPN details page.

IPN Details

In addition to the information on the IPN History page, the details contain the following:

  • Whether this IPN message was the original message or was re-sent (the No. of retries field, the original message has 1 here).
  • The last time the message was re-sent.
  • The URL on which your listener is running.
    Note: You cannot change the URL; if you request OKPAY to re-send an IPN message, it is sent to this URL.
  • The number of retries before the message has been successfully acknowledged.
  • The type of IPN message.
  • All the parameters sent to your IPN listener.

Resending IPN Messages

You can use the IPN History page to request OKPAY to resend an IPN message. You can search the IPN message history for the messages that may need to be re-sent and then click the appropriate link to resend them.

After a message has been sent, OKPAY notifies you that the messages have been re-sent and updates the status.

When the message has been sent, your server's response to the HTTP POST is used to update the HTTP response code field. A value of 200 indicates that your server successfully received the IPN message. Other values typically indicate a server configuration error for the server that hosts your IPN listener. For more information about these codes, see RFC 2616: Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1. If you do not see a response code, check if your server is running.

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